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Project  Management

EPS offers assistance in the detailed processes of project management: creating work breakdown structures, cost estimating, baseline control budgets, cost forecasts, cash flow analysis, quality control, planning, scheduling, and change management procedures. We partner with you to achieve the desired output by:

• Scope Definition and Management
• Budget Set Up and Control
• Schedule Development and Management
• Change Management

EPS Approach

Construction Management

Construction management is a key focus to our business. In addition to field supervision, EPS provides an effective combination of contract management and change management. Contract Management has a direct impact on the quality, deliverables and costs involved on a project. Our effective contract management includes:

• Contract Risk Analysis
• Procurement Evaluation and Schedule Control
• Stakeholder Review and Reporting
• Contract Administration

Quality & Safety

Maintaining quality control will reduce the risk of increased costs and delays, due to defects and rework on a project. Our team is detailed and focused on quality assurance to ensure the coalition of effective execution with project evaluation. We constantly review that your project meets the required quality at every stage through:

• Project Quality Documentation Reviews
• Project Quality Audits
• Compliance Audits
• HSE Management

Engineering Support

EPS provides a host of Technical Engineering Support. EPS provides technical expertise and engineering oversight to aid in the successful completion of difficult assignments. Our pro-active design reviews will ensure your projects are completed in a safe, timely manner, and on budget. Our Technical Engineering Support includes:

• Strategic Planning
• Constructibility Reviews
• Design Verification

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