The Benefit of Small Project Management Firms – Words of Advice from the EPS Team

It started with a standard questionnaire delivered to some of our employees, “What

At small firms, everyday is different. Right: Junior Project Manager, Saumya is featured in photo series to promote women in engineering

At small firms, everyday is different. Right: Junior Project Manager, Saumya is featured in photo series to promote women in engineering

motivates you most at work?”

Based on the answers that management received, the EPS team clearly demonstrated the benefits of working at a small project management firm versus a larger company.

From seasoned employees with over 20 years experience in the PM industry, to entry level project managers just starting their career, EPS shares advice from the bright men and women that make up our core PM team. Below are three key aspects each employee touched upon that makes working at a small firm great.





  1. Mobility

“The fact that I am in charge of my own department, complete with the freedom to make my own decisions, after just a short time with the company shows how EPS management values and trusts its employees”
– Mahir Ameen, Administrative Director

The ability to try and experience different roles is something unique to a small organization. A strong employee is pivotal to the success of any company, but is especially important to a PM firm with a small core team. At EPS, employee retention is a way to ensure the business runs smoothly and consistently, where employees can grow with the business, testing out different projects and having the chance of promotion in roles not previously available to them.


  1. Skill Building

“There is always a lot to learn everyday. Each new project brings new risks, new problems and an ever growing number of solutions to solve them”
– Saumya George, Junior Project Manager

Its so important for entry level project manager’s to have the opportunity to experience various roles in projects where their work is important and accountable to the success of the entire project. Everyone knows how demoralizing it can be to be placed in a position where you are required to simply copy documents or read files without actually contributing your skills ideas at the project at hand. EPS management allots a considerable amount of time investing in the success of budding project managers. By making sure they have a voice and are able to make decisions in fieldwork as well as in the boardroom enables both management and entry-level employees to develop a strong conducive relationship, where everyone’s key skill sets are recognized and utilized.


  1. Reputability

“People that work in smaller firms tend take on an increase in responsibilities. With my experience at larger firms, project managers are major delegators; passing off core tasks to various project teams. At a smaller firm, the project manager has hands on, direct experience with every facet of the project”
– Joseph Konney, Project Director

Small and midsize project management firms tend to work on similarly sized projects. Since the project manager is directly immersed in project support, from procurement, cost control, to contract administration, they have constant and direct communication with key stakeholders. If project budget or scheduling goes awry, the project manager is directly accountable. Small firm project managers work as individual powerhouses ready to tackle all aspects of a project from pre-planning, construction, to post analysis. Having a broad perspective enables these project managers to truly add value while gaining the direct trust of the client.

So, How Do Clients gain trust?

A firms reputation is based on the work conducted and the people employed.

An unhappy client can be the difference between a one off customer and a repeat one. Being a small firm, it’s reputation for getting the job done right is paramount to its lasting success as an employer and as an industry leader.

Element Project Services is committed to making the best environment possible for employees. Think you have what it takes to join the team? We’re always open to new people and new ideas.


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