New Build Series (4 of 4) Managing Your End Deliverables

We all have that friend who never finishes the job they set out to do. Or, we have that friend who “knows someone” who can get the job done at a faster and cheaper rate. If you have either of these friends, this blog post is for you! 

No matter what the size of your project is, managing your end deliverables is important to the overall success. This includes the design development and procurement and construction phase in order to achieve the end goal, which is opening your restaurant on the date you set out.  

We adhere to this standard by ensuring that we work with quality construction partners. The entire process is set out in order to accomplish the end goal: a successful rebuild. A rebuild is not a short term solution; We do not want our clients running into problems in the long run just so we could complete a project quickly and cheaply,

Our internal process works, and our procedures are put into place to ensure project phases are completed on time. This is important for a restaurant so they have an expected timeline of when they can reopen for their customers. An important part of the EPS process is the construction hold back. This standard keeps contractors honest and ensures the job gets completed to the highest standard. A hold back is just as it sounds, a portion of the contract payments is “held back” until the job is fully completed.  We do this to ensure both parties are successful and uphold their agreements.

Joseph Konney is EPS’ Project Director, and a key player to managing the end deliverables of our multitude of large scale projects. Konney is a professional engineer (P.Eng) with extensive experience managing complex projects in the commercial and industrial sector. He has been instrumental in leading projects from inception through to completion, across Canada. His diverse portfolio gives him the tools to support EPS’ clients throughout multiple stages of project development.


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