New Build Series (2 of 4) Budgeting & Scheduling a Rebuild Project

We understand the challenges and stress that come along with new builds. EPS has created a 4-part checklist that will help you prioritize the most important steps that will maximize your efficiency and minimize your spending for your new project.

Part 2: Preparing and Tracking Budget, Schedule and Cost Effective Strategy 

Preparing an accurate and realistic budget is key to successful project execution. There are a number of important aspects to consider when building your project budget:

Having a Sound Design – Having a well thought out design at the outset will greatly reduce your costs down the road. We take a collaborative approach when working with clients to ensure that the operational needs of the business are incorporated into the final design. Getting it right from the start will ensure that costly changes don’t occur down the line.

Planning and Permitting – Of course, with any project the proper approvals are required by your municipality. Regulations and permitting can be a difficult road to navigate. Having the right professionals on your team can help you avoid costly delays and unwanted surprises.

Construction – We know how important it is to keep project costs in check. But sometimes saving money on contractors can end up costing you much more in the future. It is imperative to work with trusted construction partners who will guarantee their work.

How EPS Can Help

With EPS’ diverse experience, we have the expertise to prepare a realistic and workable budget. This aids restaurant owners to approach financial institutions confidently, and secure the required funding. Additionally, we ensure that a cost-effective execution strategy in place to successfully deliver your project on time and within the desired budget.


Stay tuned for step three of the New Build Series on Monday, April 29th, 2019!


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