What does sun, wind and light have to do with Project Management?green-building


Sustainable design is becoming a standard in our modern world. Structures that reduce carbon emissions, limit waste and even produce renewable energy are no longer a utopian dream, but a plausible reality.

While architects imagine and create sustainable designs with the future usage of a development in mind, it is the responsibility of builders, engineers and project managers to ensure the construction process is also sustainable.

Building truly efficient, earth friendly designs is a relatively new frontier. While the ideas are there, only a few qualified professions and skill sets can actually execute sustainable initiatives.

The team at Element Project Services makes it’s a priority to always be up to date with the most progressive and innovative design centric thinking and in turn, project production initiatives.

These are our 2 top sustainability facts:

Sustainable Architecture is not New

Landscape Architect Edward D Stone Jr., is the pioneer of sustainable design for over 50 years, believes that as his landscape architects grew away from tackling small scale residential projects in the 1960s and expanded into the domain of infrastructure building like the creation of communities, cities and resorts, the practice of sustainable thinking would take hold with the masses.

Trained as change managers, people working at Project Management firms should apply change friendly thinking to how they conduct their jobs as a result of constant innovations in the architecture and construction industry.

Project Managers must be ready to tackle clients needs, whether they are working for innovators like Edward D Stone Jr. or other game changers – if clients have a specific request, PM’s need to guarantee they can perform, and that means being up to date with sustainable architecture and construction.

Myth Bust: “Acting sustainably is more expensive”

If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want sustainability, take off two zeros.

Jaime Lerner
Project Managers are supposed to reduce costs wherever possible. It can be difficult when designs and construction techniques are becoming increasingly complex. As stakeholders respond to new trends and expectations in the market, like using eco friendly materials, costs can often skyrocket. But innovative solutions are emerging – particularly in how stakeholders are conducting their businesses.

The Ontario Government offers an array of grants to companies who want to conduct their business in a sustainable fashion.

In the long term, reducing, reusing and recycling will save project management firms money.

Project Management can cut costs and be sustainable by striving to gain LEED points by reducing the carbon footprint of the facility sustainably planning the site with direct focus on the planning, design and construction.