The Value in Maintaining Client Relationships 

There is something to be said about companies who have new clients in different industries each year. But, there is another thing to be said about companies who have maintained loyal clients year after year. 

To the EPS team, we value both. We understand the opportunity and importance of new business and new areas to grow; We also value and prioritize our long-standing relationships with our clients and consider it to be a vital part of our business. 

While seeking new business, it is important to foster your current client relationships. The key to maintaining this is to prioritize our clients and ensure that we are always working together as a unit. 

Here are a few ways in which we accomplish this:

  • Setting a roadmap and achievable goals from the start of the relationship
    • Continuous and exceptional communication 
    • Respect of each other’s time
  • Treat clients as individuals- we cannot assume that every solution will work with different teams
  • Trust in each others’ expertise


We seek out clients that directly align with the mission and values of our company. It is important to not lose sight of this in the name of business. It is easy to get caught up in dollar signs, but to remain authentic in your specific industry, you must commit to the principles you and your team set aside from the beginning. 

Since EPS entered the Ontario market in 2013, Tim Hortons has been one of our most valued clients. We are a preferred vendor and have completed 50+ restaurants.  Our professional relationship with Tim Hortons is important to the essence of our business because they embody the goals we work to foster. 

Our team champions loyalty, commitment, safety, quality, respect, and teamwork in our day to day responsibilities, joint ventures, and small to large scale projects of all sizes.